The Plant Powered Pantry

We’d like to officially welcome Sara Howick of who will be contributing some helpful and well rounded content to veganleeks on a monthly basis.   Sara’s first perspective piece Raising Vegan Kids” was very well received – not to mention invaluable to anyone raising vegan kids or thinking of transitioning their family to a plant-based diet… so we decided to invite her to contribute on the regular!

Today’s post by Sara features a practical starter guide to stocking your plant-powered pantry.  Enjoy!

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Almond Butter Blueberry Pancakes 

Blueberries and almonds make a great flavour and health combination in our Almond Butter Blueberry Pancakes.  The addition of nut butters to your pancakes (or waffles!) recipe is an easy and delicious way to add healthy fats, protein and fibre to your recipe, which helps boost the staying power –  keeping you energized and satisfied all morning.  The kids love these fresh off the pan, or reheated in the toasted for a quick breakfast on the go.  Give them a try!

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Classic Vegan Birthday Cupcakes

Yesterday was my son’s 3rd Birthday (how time flies!)  As part of our celebration we prepared these Classic Vegan Birthday Cupcakes to share with the kids and educators at his school (daycare).    These dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free cupcakes bake up light, moist, fluffy, with just the right touch of sweetness – and they are school-friendly of course.

We topped these cuties with a simple vanilla cream icing and sprinkles for the kids.  Needless to say – the kids (and adults!) happily gobbled them up!

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Vegan Maple Pecan Waffles

For those who have been following our blog on the regular – you’ve surely noticed how much we love to use our blender .   A high speed blender is such a versatile tool to have in the kitchen, and we use it daily to whip up everything from smoothies, soups, muffins, and these Vegan Maple Pecan Waffles!

This waffle batter recipe is low fuss – just throw all the ingredients into your blender jar and let the machine do the work!   They cook up light and crispy with just the right hint of nutty flavour and maple sweetness.


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Creamy Cocoa-nut Cashew Pie

Weekends are for sweet treats, and our Creamy Cocoa-nut Cashew Pie is sure to please!   Inspired by‘s Dr Gregger’s Birthday Cookies ‘n Cream Pie – this dreamy and decadent dessert is made with wholesome plant-based ingredients such as raw cashews, almonds, cocoa powder, coconut, and sweetened with the goodness of dates.

Give this recipe a try and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with simple plant-based ingredients.

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Garlic Lime Portobello Mushroom Noodles

This dish is nutritious, colourful and tasty. The portobello mushrooms provide hearty texture and full flavour to the blend of garlic, lime and herbs. This recipe requires little time to prepare and yet yields impressive results. My 3 year old gobbled up this gluten-free, vegan dish in no time and went back for a second helping. Great weeknight meal when time is of the essence.  Continue reading “Garlic Lime Portobello Mushroom Noodles”