The Plant Powered Pantry

We’d like to officially welcome Sara Howick of who will be contributing some helpful and well rounded content to veganleeks on a monthly basis.   Sara’s first perspective piece Raising Vegan Kids” was very well received – not to mention invaluable to anyone raising vegan kids or thinking of transitioning their family to a plant-based diet… so we decided to invite her to contribute on the regular!

Today’s post by Sara features a practical starter guide to stocking your plant-powered pantry.  Enjoy!

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Perspective Piece: Raising Vegan Kids

In an effort to build a community of environmentally conscious citizens we’ve created Community Leeks as a platform for people to share thoughts, stories, recipes and resources.
Today’s Community Leeks entry Raising Vegan Kids touches on a topic that is close to our hearts, raising plant-based children, and family.  Written by our friend Sara Howick of we hope you find this entry as inspirational, thoughtful and educational as we have.
Whether you’re new to plant-based nutrition and are slowly integrating some of the principles into your daily life, or already 100% vegan, we trust that some of Sara’s invaluable insights, tips, and experience will help enrich your knowledge base and foster a greater confidence in your choices, as it has ours.

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Vegan Creamy White Sauce

This is a staple recipe in both of our houses. This sauce is full of rich flavour, but without the butter, milk and cheese that is typically found in a creamy white sauce. It is versatile acting as a béchamel, alfredo or cream sauce in a number of recipes. Serve as is or dress it up with some vegetables for a simple yet satisfying meal the whole family can enjoy.  Continue reading “Vegan Creamy White Sauce”

Creamy Cardamom Sweet Potato Soup

Cardamom, like ginger, is a natural digestive aid and detoxifier making this a perfect soup to kickstart your weekend. With their warming aromatic properties, cardamom and ginger bring this sweet potato soup to life, while the coconut milk gives it a silky smooth texture and satisfying richness. Serve this creamy soup with some crusty bread and you have yourself a wholesome meal.

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Cherry Chia Power Smoothie

Our Cherry Chia Power Smoothie packs an antioxidant punch with frozen cherries, banana, chia seeds, and (shhhh) Beets!!   This smoothie blends up velvety smooth and tastes great.  Throw in your favourite vegan protein powder and you’ve got yourself a serious power smoothie that will carry you for hours.  Try it and let us know what you think! Continue reading “Cherry Chia Power Smoothie”