Best Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Day four of our EASY BAKES brings you a family-friendly meal. Our Best Vegan Shepherd’s Pie can be made ahead of time and reheated for quick, easy serving. This is a vegan twist on a classic dish that has always been a staple in our homes. Lentils give you a natural boost of fiber and protein. It is a great way to give your family a healthy plant-based meal without them even noticing.  Continue reading “Best Vegan Shepherd’s Pie”

Artichoke Portobello Linguine

Artichoke Portobello Linguine anyone? Yes please! This main dish is oh so simple but oh so delicious! All you need is a handful of ingredients and a blender et voila. You have yourself a smooth, creamy sauce that is completely free of butter, milk or flour. This is a perfect weeknight meal when time is of the essence for toddlers and adults alike.  Continue reading “Artichoke Portobello Linguine”

Lemon Mushroom Risotto

Our Main Squeeze in the month of February will focus on main courses beginning with a week of original rice dishes. Today we present you with a simple, crowd-pleasing risotto. Lemon and fresh basil lighten up the creamy Arborio rice while the mushrooms add texture leaving you satisfied. This risotto presents beautifully so serve it to guests as a side or main dish next time you are hosting. Continue reading “Lemon Mushroom Risotto”