Papaya Fiesta Salad

Got the winter blues? Need a little pick-me-up? This salad will give you (and your tastebuds) a jolt of life. With it’s vibrant colours and tangy punch, this tropical blend of papaya, avocado and radishes tossed in a cilantro lime dressing will liven up your plate. Top with pumpkin seeds for some Omega-3 action and you have yourself a healthy lunch or starter you and your guests can enjoy.  Continue reading “Papaya Fiesta Salad”

Simply Satisfying Miso Soup

For our week of soups we begin with a traditional Japanese miso soup. In Japanese culture, many people begin their day with a warm bowl as the miso (fermented soybean paste) wakes up the digestion system and invigorates the body. This uber simple soup takes little time to prepare but nourishes the body with protein, probiotics, and vitamins. Breakfast, lunch or supper, this soup is a staple in any diet.  Continue reading “Simply Satisfying Miso Soup”