Perspective Piece: Raising Vegan Kids

In an effort to build a community of environmentally conscious citizens we’ve created Community Leeks as a platform for people to share thoughts, stories, recipes and resources.
Today’s Community Leeks entry Raising Vegan Kids touches on a topic that is close to our hearts, raising plant-based children, and family.  Written by our friend Sara Howick of we hope you find this entry as inspirational, thoughtful and educational as we have.
Whether you’re new to plant-based nutrition and are slowly integrating some of the principles into your daily life, or already 100% vegan, we trust that some of Sara’s invaluable insights, tips, and experience will help enrich your knowledge base and foster a greater confidence in your choices, as it has ours.

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Perspective Piece: “Evolution of a Vegan”

Drum roll please…. We are so excited to finally launch Community Leeks. Our goal was to create a space where people could share their stories, recipes, resources or sustainable lifestyle practices. We want to build a community of people who want to talk about healing our Earth. Our first entry is a colleague/friend’s personal journey towards dietary change. Thank you Jeff for taking this leap of faith with us and being willing to open up and share your story. Continue reading “Perspective Piece: “Evolution of a Vegan””

Easy Vegan Cashew “Mylk”

A fellow blogger recently reached out to us regarding the challenges she’s faced with giving up dairy.  It can be tough, but not impossible, and definitely worth it: for your health, the environment and animal welfare.

If you’re looking for a delicious, healthy, and kind milk alternative that isn’t filled with preservatives or other questionable ingredients, try making your own!   Tasty in lattes, smoothies, on cereal, or even straight up, this easy cashew-based “mylk” is truly delightful and nutritious. Continue reading “Easy Vegan Cashew “Mylk””

The Power of our Collective Voice

I was recently at a baby shower. It was filled with young women – some pregnant, others with children, and others partaking in their friend’s entry into motherhood – but all very aware of the world we are living in and the role the environment will play in the lives of these little ones who are either on their way or have just recently arrived. Continue reading “The Power of our Collective Voice”