Orange & Fennel with Fresh Basil Coulis

When you begin with beautiful ingredients, the final result is guaranteed to stand out.  For week 3 of  Happy Healthy and Green we bring you a light and fresh fennel salad .  This simple salad has just the right pop of colour with oranges, pomegranate arils, and a vivid green basil coulis that adds a bright and delicious flavour.   Enjoy this salad for lunch or as a side dish with dinner, and spring will seem a little bit closer.

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Green Machine Smoothie

The Green Machine Smoothie is a staple in my house.  It’s nutrients-dense, super smooth, and delicious. The combination of whole-food plant-based ingredients such as hemp hearts, kale, avocado and spirulina (a high protein algae powder) delivers powerful nutritional benefits in one tasty drink.  Perfect as a quick breakfast or as post-workout replenishment.  Enjoy! Your body will thank you!

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