BEE Kind

For many of us, our childhood summer days were spent avoiding these furry little guys. I can still remember a flock of us screaming across the field at lunch recess, running wildly as if our lives depended on it. Ironically they do.

Who would have guessed that two decades later these vital creatures, that keep our ecosystems balanced, would be added to the list of endangered species?Even if you aren’t particularly fond of bees – their buzzing sound perhaps still stirs some fear inside – you are dependent them. You see these black and yellow insects play an integral role in our survival as a species.

To boil it down: Humans need bees because 70 of the top 100 crops harvested globally rely on pollinators according to this recent article. So this means no bees = no nutritional plants = decreased chance of us sustaining our ever-climbing world population = YIKES! This is very, very serious people!

Even General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios has taken action setting into action the distribution of 200 million wildflower seeds for pollinator habitat. In one week, they exceeded their goal and will send out a total of 1.5 billion seeds #bringbackthebees.

Want to do something? This is an area you can act upon. Don’t wait. David Suzuki provides a list of ways you can make a difference.

So bee aware, bee active and bee kind to these little guys before it’s too late.

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