Weekly Leeks Feb. 26-March 11: Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not Want Not

Throwing food out is just the worst. Neither of us enjoy doing it and when we must, we are filled with a sense of guilt. Coming from households that make use of every little thing – my (Sarah) father will literally turn any leftover meal into some form of soup – this is a value that has been instilled in us since childhood.

Food waste is a serious problem especially in our very privileged western world. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  1/3 of all food produced (about 1.3 billion tonnes) is never used. And not surprisingly, fruits and vegetables are wasted the most.

But people are making positive changes to move towards less waste. Two incredible beings, Tessa and Saasha, have created an app that can help you and your community connect to share food that might otherwise be wasted. Check out their story and innovative app here.

At home individuals are also striving to reduce waste. Using a can of chickpeas? Don’t throw away that lovely liquid! There are so many things you can do with aquafaba. Got leftovers hanging around? Get creative and see what else you can make. Here are a few ideas.

One thought on “Weekly Leeks Feb. 26-March 11: Waste Not Want Not

  1. I just started a new way (for me) of using some kitchen scraps that fits this theme. Instead of composting the ends of green onions purchased at the store, if you plant that bottom inch or so in soil, they regrow from that little stump! Fastest, easiest, cheapest crop ever!!!! I can’t believe I tried (and failed) to grow them from seed in the past. You can do the same with other fresh store-bought produce too, like Romaine lettuce, fennel, and celery.


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