Weekly Leeks Feb. 12-25 Edition: The Perils of Plastic

As part of our Weekly Leeks series, we’ll be sharing helpful resources, interesting articles, and other insightful materials to help encourage and support the journey towards becoming more environmentally conscious and ethically responsible citizens.

Here are some current, thought-provoking pieces that caught our eye within the past couple of weeks:

The Perils of Plastic

It is appalling to stop and think about our plastic footprint. Plastic is literally killing our planet, our oceans and us. It is non-biodegradable so it literally lasts forever. That plastic bottle you threw in the recycling will only end up in a landfill.

As you’ll see in this short clip featuring Jeff Bridges, plastic outnumbers sea life six to one! 6:1! That’s mind blowing. Plastic is found in literally every sea turtle. Yuck!

For those of you interested in a longer documentary (17 minutes) featuring Pharrell Williams that details the damaging effects of plastic, check out this link.

Despite the overwhelming reality of our plastic world, we can make changes today to help improve this situation. Some grocery stores have become environmentally responsible offering an alternative to all the packaging and waste we typically see. Check it out!

For our local readers, Montreal has its own zero-waste grocery store Mega Vrac. This means you can bring your own containers, reducing your plastic footprint.

And now you can find alternatives to Ziplocks that are resusable and won’t hurt our planet. Let’s stop our plastic addiction.  Say no to plastic bags, cutlery, wrap, straws and other unnecessary plastic items we’ve come to depend on.

Upcoming Theme

We are so excited to bring you Breakfast Beauties for the entire month of March! Sweet, savoury,  simple and satisfying plant-based breakfasts you will love. Stay tuned!

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