Stop. Breathe. Recalibrate.

Although we are a blog that focuses on environmental awareness through sustainable food choices, it is important to us that we too acknowledge the events of this week given our belief in global community, responsibility and citizenship.

The events of this week have left us – like many of you – rattled. It is difficult not to feel overwhelmed, pessimistic and despondent by the abhorrent political decisions in the United States and the local hate crimes that ensued. Fuelled by hatred, indignity and a desire to divide, these acts live in all of us generating more anger. We feel it swell inside of us, and from it spawns fear, anxiety, negativity, and tension.

But then we stop. We breathe. And looking into the bright, innocent eyes of our children, we come back to ourselves again. We refuse to let their hate drive our thinking. We remind ourselves that we are a nation built on diversity and compassion for others; that acceptance is something we are all capable of if we only take a moment to see through the eyes of another. We again find our faith in humanity. We recalibrate and hold these beliefs close.

Let us educate our children. Let us help them understand and embrace differences so that they can have a brighter tomorrow. Through these stories, let us teach them how to see through the eyes of another.

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