Main Squeeze: February Theme

For most of our lives, February has been about romance. Boyfriends, girlfriends, he loves me, he loves me not kind of romance. And although we love this celebration of love, this year we’ve decided to change the formula.

We want our Earth to be our “main squeeze” this month. We want to love our planet with more compassion than we have before.

And so we will continue our plant-based recipes and provide you with main dishes for the entire month of February in the hopes that you too will try to reduce your consumption of animal products.

Also, in line with our recent Community Leeks post on the “The Power of Refusal” we will also be celebrating our first Minimalistic V-Day! That means NO purchasing of any Valentine’s Day paraphernalia including chocolates, flowers, cards and even little stuffed animals. Only home-made gifts crafted with care.

So join us and celebrate a Minimalistic V-Day! Try some new main dishes, take the pledge not to buy unnecessary Valentine’s Day stuff and make the environment your “main squeeze.”

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