Healthy Happy Green 2017

We have welcomed 2017 with open eyes and a conscious heart. In alignment with our goal – to bring more awareness to environmental issues through a sustainable, plant-based diet – we want to keep the environment at the forefront of our January theme: Healthy Happy Green.

So how do we define Healthy Happy Green? It consists of three parts: 1. Healthy eating and healthy living, 2. Being happy and grateful for all that we have, and 3. Doing 1 & 2 in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.

Over the month of January our recipes will focus on nourishing, recharging and restoring your body through plant-based nutrition.

Week 1: Power Smoothies
Week 2: Satisfying Soups
Week 3: Cleansing Salads
Week 4: Healthy Snacks

Also up and coming this month is the launch of our Community Leeks page. Stories, perspectives, recipes and resources coming your way. Get involved and share with us!

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