3 Tips for Eating Plant-Based this Holiday Season

With the holidays in full swing, maintaining a plant-based diet may seem a little daunting. Temptation lies lurking in all the sweet aromas of turkey, baked Brie, cheesecake, croissants and the list goes on. But just remember it is totally possible and even enjoyable. Here are 3 helpful tips to eat plant-based this holiday season.

1. Find the Veggies
So you’re on your way to a party and perhaps feeling worried about what you will be able to eat. Fear not! A little creativity is all you need. Most parties and gatherings will have a selection of vegetables and salads. Get creative by topping a slice crusty bread with some of the garden salad. Grab some rice, pasta or crackers and load them with all kinds of raw veggies and balsamic vinegar for a crunchy, tangy mix. Fill your plate with colourful fruits, veggies and grains and you are sure to feel satisfied.

2. Let People Know in Advance
What a difference a phone call or text can make. Sure it can be a little uncomfortable having that conversation, but your host will surely want to know and you will feel a sense of relief that the ‘cat is out of the bag’ so to speak. It also gives you the opportunity to inform them that there are indeed tons of things you can actually eat. Offer to bring a plant-based dish so that everyone, including yourself, gets to sample a delicious dish.

3. Be Kind to Yourself
The chocolate lava cake, loaded with butter and eggs, and served with vanilla ice cream was calling your name. ‘Just one taste’ you told yourself, which quickly turned into you inhaling an entire mountain of hot fudgy deliciousness. Oops! It’s okay. Don’t let yourself feel guilty for indulging. You’ve made a choice to eat plant-based foods because it is a sustainable, healthy practice. It is a process to form these habits and to make adjustments. Every meal is a chance for you to choose plant-based. Recognize and honour your own journey and don’t compare it to anyone else. Be kind to yourself.
Happy and Healthy Holidays to all!

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