The Power of our Collective Voice

I was recently at a baby shower. It was filled with young women – some pregnant, others with children, and others partaking in their friend’s entry into motherhood – but all very aware of the world we are living in and the role the environment will play in the lives of these little ones who are either on their way or have just recently arrived.

I began to talk about veganleeks and the response was incredible. Every single person I spoke with was excited about the prospect of becoming part of the veganleeks community. I’m not saying they are going to adopt a plant-based diet overnight, but to know that they can see the journey of others, that they can see the facts and perhaps share their story is moving them towards making a change.

We’ve found that sharing with others the choice we’ve made to adopt a plant-based diet and the reasons behind our decision has opened avenues to talking about climate change that wouldn’t otherwise be there. And in talking about the state of our planet, and the devastating condition it will be in if we don’t change our habits, we are generating a powerful narrative.  We are saying that we can no longer turn a blind eye; that we can no longer accept the direction the world is moving in; that we can no longer wait for government leaders or politicians to change it all for us; that it is in fact ‘we’ who hold the power to make that change. It is in fact “we” who ARE the leaders… and NOW is our time to step up.

Our power is in our everyday decisions. What we buy, how we consume, how we respond to our governments activity or inactivity to push this agenda forward, and especially what we eat. As more individuals adopt a plant-based diet we are creating a collective voice and sending a powerful message that we will not support industries and practices that are the driving force behind climate change and the ongoing destruction of our planet, and all of its inhabitants.

veganleeks is about creating a platform for us to come together as a community.  So if you haven’t already, share your story, your “ah-ha” moment, resources or recipes on our Community Leeks page, and become part of this movement.

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