Gone Vegan – Now What?

After making the decision to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, the very next thought to cross your mind is: “How am I going to tell my family and friends?” Sure they’ll be supportive or you hope they will be, but you also know that making this lifestyle change means major adjustments for them too. Turkey dinners during the holidays are not so simple anymore. Dinners out at the restaurant need to be premeditated decisions. Potlucks require a lot more planning and thought.

Let alone the reactions that will indeed trigger an emotional response. “What do you mean you’re not going to eat grandma’s carrot cake?!” Or “So what, you don’t eat cheese anymore?!” You may feel guilty, selfish or even doubt your decision.

All this makes adopting a plant-based diet that much harder. But all we can say is channel that emotion into conviction. Stand proudly in knowing every time you choose a meal free of animal product you are choosing a lifestyle that supports a sustainable future.

This mantra helps us stay the course:

Food for our future; A future for our children.

4 thoughts on “Gone Vegan – Now What?

  1. Powerful. I am vegetarian and making the transition towards a plant-based diet and have a very hard time cutting out the milk, cheese, and yogurt. I can absolutely go without butter, meat (of course), and honey, but I feel like I need to have milk in my tea, cheese in my sandwiches, and yogurt as a dessert. I just can’t seem to cut those out, and it’s a bit frustrating! :/


    1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience… I can totally relate to you. Prior to going “all in” vegan, some of my favorite foods were dairy-based… the thought of giving up my lattes or cheese was scary! To be honest, I flipped flopped back and forth on the dairy stance until I finally made the decision (along with my hubby) to just go “ALL IN” vegan. I found alternatives… now I have soy milk or cashew milk in my lattes, I enjoy nut-based cheese, and I’ve even found an almond-based yoghurt that I like. It IS possible to give up dairy.

      I think once you truly commit 100% to it, and give yourself time to adjust and focus on foods other than milk, cheese, yoghurt, you’ll break your addiction to dairy and one day you’ll find that you no longer crave it.

      Also, I found thinking about what dairy actually is (baby cow growth fluid) gave me a different perspective, and I totally lost my desire to consume it.

      Hope that helps 🙂


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      1. There’s a great brand of almond yoghurt here, but I forget the name and I’m all out. I’ll take note of it the next time I’m at the store. As for the reasons behind our decision to adopt a plant-based diet, please read our “Why we chose plant-based” page for some insight 🙂

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